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One of the greatest mysteries of the sea

The sea hides indecipherable mysteries that humans always have wanted to discover and enjoy. Without a doubt, dolphins are part of that mystery because we have heard many legends about them. They are very intelligent animals, whose brain surpasses human characteristics of intelligence. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures of the planet. They have even developed their own language to communicate to each other. The contact with the dolphins becomes a unique experience that is worth while to enjoy.

Dolphin Family     Dolphin     Dolphin Close Up

The bottle nose dolphins are friendly with humans. We have developed interactive activities and programs, therapeutic sessions and scientific researches with many beautiful Mexican locations for our guests. Visit and choose your location and your activity.

Want to know some facts on them?

  • They are mammalian animals and depend on the air to live, they must leave the water one to three times per minute to breathe
  • They can be under the water for at least 15 minutes.
  • There are approximately 36 species, different one from the other by their weight, size, color, and some other characteristics, as the marks of their body.
  • Dolphins live in almost all the seas of the world, especially the ones far from civilized zones although they socialize easily with the human beings.
  • Their body is a hydrodynamic design to quickly and precisely swim, provided by its flippers. Their extended form aids them to slide better in the water and their skin feels like the rubber, being very smooth and firm to our touch. Dolphins are one of the greatest mysteries that dwell the sea. Come with us and join them!


    Visit Tips Take care of your skin and health using always sun protection. The biodegradable kind is the best. Avoid taking direct sun between 12:00 and 15:00 hrs.